Our Story

Our Story

Halutza Olives and Olive Oil

Straight from the Negev desert, immersed in ancient Biblical traditions, and yet prepared with the most advanced “cold press” extraction technologies, comes the pride of Israel’s Olive Oil Industry – Halutza Olive Oil. Tocopherols in Halutza Extra Virgin Olive Oil contain high levels of vitamin E, considered to have a positive contribution on our health. In addition, laboratory testing has consistently proved exceptionally low acidity (of less than 0.5%)


The Orchard

It started some 50 years ago, with the heroic conquering of the arid terrain of the Negev Desert, and turning it into a flourishing garden, despite the absolute lack of fresh water. In time, a large subterranean reservoir of brackish water was discovered. The reservoir allowed for the plantation, on virgin soil, of Halutza olive orchards. The salt water is the orchard’s only source of irrigation. We believe that the Halutza orchards, in excess of 150,000 trees, are the largest of their kind in the world. The tough climate of the Negev Heights demands around the clock intensive care of the orchard. The Olive trees respond in an exceptional manner to this loving treatment, and bare larger, juicier and tastier fruit, earlier than expected. The Halutza Olive Oil olives are plump and intact. They are carefully selected, picked and transported to the modern mill, which is located right on the premises, under strict supervision, to ensure proper conditions and preservation of their special qualities. The production process is performed observing the most hygienic conditions. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from selected olives, without resorting to heat treatment commonly used to increase yields artificially.

The Halutza Olive Oil

Halutza Olive Oil continues to receive local and international recognition for its high quality and unique flavor

1st place “Mario Solinas” Spain

2 time winner 1st place “Armonia-Alma Trophy” Italy

1st place “Kosher World” New York

Gold Medal “L.A. County Fair” Los Angeles

2 Gold Medals and Prestige Gold “Olivinus” Argentina

Bronze Medal “L.A. County Fair” Los Angeles

1st place Halutza Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil “TerraOlivo” 2016 Israel:

Israel Grand Champion Trophy
Best Israeli Organic
Best Israeli Blend

Gran Prestige Gold Medal – Halutza Extra Virgin Barnea Olive Oil “TerraOlivo” 2019 Israel


Organic Gold Medal   
Blend Silver Medal